Thyro T3 Rescue (homeopathic)

Liquid (homeopathic)



Active Ingredient

Adenosine triphosphate disodium
Atropa belladonna
Beef liver
Bos taurus parathyroid gland
Fucus vesiculosus
Pork kidney
Spongia officinalis skeleton, roasted
Sus scrofa hypothalamus
Sus scrofa pituitary gland
Sus scrofa thymus
Sus scrofa thyroid

Generic name

Spongia Tosta, Iodium, Fucus Vesiculosus, Belladonna, Adenosinum Triphosphoricum Dinatrum, Parathyroid Gland (Bovine), Selenium Metallicum, Thyroidinum (Suis), Hepar Bovine, Hypophysis Suis, Hypothalamus Suis, Kidney (Suis), Thymus (Suis), Levothyroxinum, Triiodothyronine
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Pharm classes

Allergens [CS]
Cell-mediated Immunity [PE]
Dietary Proteins [CS]
Increased Histamine Release [PE]
Non-Standardized Food Allergenic Extract [EPC]
Thyroxine [CS]
Triiodothyronine [CS]
l-Thyroxine [EPC]
l-Triiodothyronine [EPC]

Official label

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